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The Smooth Moves Ride

By: Mark Romanack

Smooth Moves suspension seats can be mounted in just about any fishing boat. The author mounts the Smooth Moves Air on the driver side of his boat and the Smooth Moves Ultra on the passenger side. Everyone who takes a ride in a boat equipped with Smooth Moves suspension seats is instantly a believer in the product.

Once in awhile a product comes along that genuinely makes things better for people. In my case, the Smooth Moves suspension seats became that product. After nearly 30 years of fishing on big water, my body was telling me something has to change.

I knew the first day I installed a Smooth Moves Ultra in my boat it was a game changer. The Smooth Moves absorbs the pounding as the boat pushes through waves, delivering a comfortable and stable ride.

The Smooth Moves Ultra operates using a spring assisted hydraulic suspension mechanism. It takes some simple hand tools and about five minutes time to install an Ultra in just about any fishing boat.

The first step is to set the seat height in your boat to a position you find comfortable. Next measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the seat cushion and then select the appropriate Smooth Moves pedestal base from the chart provided on their web page before ordering your Smooth Moves kit.

When the kit arrives you’ll begin the install by removing your boat seat from the seat pedestal. Usually this requires removing four stainless screws or bolts. Next remove the seat base from the floor of your boat and replace it with the Smooth Moves pedestal base using the same hardware.

The third step is to place the Smooth Moves suspension mechanism on top of the seat pedestal. Now it’s time to mount the Smooth Moves seat base to the bottom of your boat seat using the same hardware removed from the seat at the beginning of the install.

The final step is to mount the seat and base to the Smooth Moves suspension by sliding the boat seat tracks forward a few inches and lining up the holes on slide to the nut welded onto the seat base. Once these two bolts have been installed finger tight, slide the seat base the opposite direction and repeat the process with the two remaining bolts.

Installing a Smooth Moves suspension seat in a fishing boat requires only simple hand tools and about five minutes time.

Tighten down all four bolts and the install is complete. Because the spring tension on the Ultra can easily be adjusted, the Ultra provides a smooth and stable ride for anglers ranging from 100 to 300 pounds.

If you need help with the install, the Smooth Moves web page has a series of videos that make the process so simple anyone can handle the install.

Even better, the Ultra operates day in and day out with next to zero required maintenance. Once a year simply squirt a little spray lubrication into the ports on the bottom of the Smooth Moves base. Then loosen the suspension spring for long term storage. That’s it. What could be more simple?

Even anglers who fish from utility boats and on small waters will benefit from the cushioned ride of the Smooth Moves Ultra.


The Smooth Moves Air uses compressed air to deliver a stable and comfortable ride. Because air can never be completely compressed, the Smooth Moves Air insures that the seat can not bottom out when running in very rough wave conditions.

Similar to the Ultra, the Smooth Moves Air can be easily adjusted for the weight of the operator. This process requires simply plugging the power cord into a 12 volt outlet in the boat and activating the built in pump switch. Pushing the switch in pumps air into the mechanism and pulling the switch allows air to escape from the seat mechanism.


The Smooth Moves Ultra and Air suspension seats put the fun back into fishing. Guaranteed, the first time one the water with a Smooth Moves suspension seat will be a game changer for you too.


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