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The PWC is Available in 18 New Colors

By: Mark Romanack

The Precise Walleye Crank or PWC has become an immediate success among avid walleye trollers. The Bill Lewis PWC is available at fine tackle shops or at

The Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Crank was designed with big water walleye fishermen in mind. Built with precision, every PWC is tuned and ready to catch fish right out of the package.

​ The PWC is a deep diving crankbait. According to the Precision Trolling Data phone app, the PWC reaches 20 feet down with just 63 feet of 10# test played out! Most other crankbaits in this category require 80 to 120 feet of line to reach the 20 foot mark. Shorter lead lengths are an advantage because lures can be set faster and fish landed quicker.

​ The PWC is also equipped with two premium quality, No. 2 wide-bend style hooks. Most baits of this size feature three No. 4 treble hooks. Going with two over-sized hooks makes the PWC more efficient at hooking and holding onto walleye.

​ Inside the PWC a unique sound chamber produces an exceptionally loud rattle. Rattles help to attract walleye in low light situations, dirty water and for anglers who troll for trophy walleye after dark.

The author is all smiles over this Lake Erie walleye caught on a PWC. Mark can’t wipe the smile off his face because his other board (over his right shoulder) is also into another big walleye.

The finish on the PWC is also exceptional. One look and you can see this bait screams quality. When the PWC was released in December of 2022 anglers could choose from 20 color patterns. This year Bill Lewis has added 18 exciting new colors to the PWC line up including a solid chrome, solid white and unpainted versions for custom lure painters.

​ Many of the color choices available in the PWC are designs created by JT Custom Tackle one of the leading custom lure painting services in the industry.

​ The PWC is tuned and ready to fish in the package, it features exceptional color options, the bait comes with premium over-size hooks and it stands out in the rattle department. In short, the PWC is a walleye catching machine second to none. Available at fine dealers everywhere or you can purchase direct from to enjoy the widest selection of colors.



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