Mark Romanack

             Mark Romanack aka the “Outdoors Guy” is a lifelong resident of Michigan. One of Michigan’s most celebrated outdoorsmen and outdoor communicators, Mark is a graduate of Northern Michigan University and holds a BS degree in Conservation/Ecology.

     Mark’s outdoor writing career got started as a part-time job back in 1985. It wasn’t long before Mark was writing full time for a host of outdoor periodicals. To date Mark has authored over 3,000 full length magazine features, 11 different hard copy books on fishing and three fishing e-books for Kindle.

     Mark also pens a popular and free weekly fishing blog published at the www.fishing411.net web page and also on Facebook. 

     In 2007 Mark took the plunge into the outdoor television industry hosting and producing Fishing 411 TV that broadcasts nationally on the World Fishing Network. Fishing 411 is also available on-demand at CarbonTV.com. To date Mark has hosted and produced over 140 national television episodes focusing on a host of freshwater fishing adventures.

Mark lives in Northern Michigan with his wife Mari and hunting dogs Drake & Stormy.

Mark can be reached via e-mail at Mark@Fishing411.net 

Capt. Jake Romanack


    Jake Romanack is the co-host of the Fishing 411 TV series broadcast on the Sportsman Channel and the World Fishing Network. Jake’s fishing skills are only matched by his enthusiasm for communicating the outdoor lifestyle. His growing list of skills also include editing video as well as filming and producing tutorial videos.

In addition to co-hosting he is the videographer for Smoker Craft, Inc, producing hundreds of videos a year for their websites and dealer networks.  

Jake can be reached at jromanack@gmail.com

Gabe VanWormer

     Gabe VanWormer is the real deal when it comes to multi-talented outdoorsmen. Gabe’s passions for the outdoors include walleye tournament fishing, fly fishing for trout, whitetail deer hunting with traditional archery tackle and bear hunting with hounds. In addition to being an accomplished hunter and fisherman, Gabe works as the chief videographer for the Fishing 411 Television series broadcast on World Fishing Network and also at www.carbontv.com.

     Gabe’s technology skills aren’t limited to just videography. For each episode of Fishing 411 Gabe functions as the field producer and also the editor in chief. With hundreds of full length television episodes to his credit and countless smaller video projects, Gabe is one of the most talented and experienced outdoor videographer/editors in the business. 

     Gabe is also an avid photographer who enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors on social media. 

Mari Romanack

     Mari Romanack is the Social Networking Coordinator for a host of companies including Fishing 411 Television, Precision Trolling Data, LLC, Yakima Bait Company and also the Starcraft, Sylvan, Smokercraft, Sunchaser, American Angler and Starweld Boat brands.

     The wife of outdoor writer and television host Mark Romanack, Mari has worked in the outdoor industry for over 25 years. An avid fisherman and hunter, Mari enjoys fishing for all species and chasing waterfowl with the family hunting dogs Drake and Stormy. In addition to her work as social networking director, Mari travels with the Fishing 411 TV crew assisting with videography, on-site still photography and coordinating travel arrangements.

     Mari also works managing the Fishing 411 traveling consumer sport show display. This massive booth showcases the Fishing 411 sponsors products and travels to several cities in the Great Lakes region from January to March.  Mari can be reached at mari@fishing411.net