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The Value of Good Rain Gear

By: Mark Romanack

The Striker Brand Adrenaline Suit is available in both men and women models.

At Fishing 411 TV we just about live in our rain gear. One of the smartest investments a serious angler can make is a premium quality rain suit. Anything less is going to be a disappointment and in the end, replaced with something of higher quality. My advice is to do yourself a favor and buy good rain gear up front. Forget about the cost, because it’s the single piece of equipment you will take and probably use on every fishing trip for many years to come.

​The first lesson an avid fisherman learns is that rain gear isn’t just something you wear when it’s raining. Good rain gear is also wind-proof, it breaths and does an excellent job of keeping a guy or gal warm and comfortable. You can always layer more clothing under a rain suit to suit the temperature. In the same token, you can strip layers off when the sun pops out and it warms up.

​This is why stiff rain gear made from heavy fabrics are not practical. A rain suit has to have some flex in the design or it’s not going to be comfortable layering clothing underneath or wearing all day long.

​Jake and I have been wearing the Striker Brands Adrenaline Suit for many years. In fact we were wearing Striker Brand clothing for many years before they became a sponsor of Fishing 411 TV.

Even on sunny days the author wears his rain gear often to cut the wind. Rain gear is the first piece of equipment the author packs for every open water fishing adventure, regardless of the location.

​This premium rain gear has all the features it takes to create a suit that is 100% dry, breathable and comfortable to wear year around. What we like most about the Adrenaline Suit is it is cut long enough in the sleeves and shoulders to fit even tall guys and it layers over other clothing beautifully. There is enough natural stretch in the fabric, that the freedom of movement while wearing the Adrenaline Suit is not matched by anything else on the market. Casting, trolling, jigging, the Adrenaline Suit is perfect for every fishing situation.

​The Adrenaline Suit is available for both men and women and comes in several different colors. Jake and I both like the Veil Stryk color because it looks sharp and hides dirt very well. Matched up with the Adrenaline Rain Bib this ranks as the best rain suit Jake and I have ever owned or used.

The author has been wearing and recommending the Striker Brands Adrenaline Rain Suit for many years. This rain gear is 100% dry, breathable and has enough natural stretch to layer nicely over other clothing making it perfect for any day on the water.

​These days I carry an extra Adrenaline Rain Suit in the truck in the event one of our guests shows up without adequate rain gear. Everyone who wears the Adrenaline Suit says the same thing, this is the most comfortable and absolutely dry rain gear they have ever used. Plain and simple, an avid angler should put quality rain gear at the top of their wish list.


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