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The OR20 Pro Guppy Weight and the 50+2 Data System

By: Mark Romanack

The OR16 paired with the 2 ounce Guppy Weight makes short work of getting crankbaits deep.

What do you do when you’re marking lots of fish, but your crankbaits just don’t dive deep enough to reach those fish? This common problem is easily solved with the help of an in-line trolling sinker known as the OR20 Pro Guppy Weight. Available in 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 ounce versions, the Pro Guppy Weight is designed to be attached to the OR16 Snap Weight Clip making it easy to add weight to the line and also to get crankbaits to deeper depths.

​ The Precision Trolling Data 50+2 Data System is a popular trolling option that matches up the two ounce Pro Guppy Weight with a host of popular crankbaits. The 50+2 system allows anglers to get crankbaits to deeper depths, to achieve those depths using shorter overall lead lengths and also to target very specific depth zones in the water column.

​ To get started using the 50+2 system consult the Precision Trolling Data phone app. The PTD app is available for both Android and iPhone smart phones and features a “lists” function that makes it easy to determine which crankbait brands and models feature the 50+2 data. Currently, the majority of the popular crankbait brands and lure models feature this unique data.

When it comes to getting crankbaits deep, nothing beats the Off Shore Tackle OR20 Pro Weight System and the 2 ounce Guppy.

Once you’ve picked a crankbait, touch the “line type” option and select the 50+2 Snap Weight option. Now let the desired bait out behind the boat 50 feet and attach a two ounce Pro Guppy Weight to the line by pinching open the OR16 and placing the line behind the plastic peg. The next step is to consult the PTD app and select the trolling speeds desired from the “MPH” picker wheel. Next select the desired target depth from the “feet down” picker wheel. The PTD app will then calculate the total overall lead length required in the “feet back” picker wheel. The app includes the initial 50 foot lead into the total overall lead length required to reach the selected target depth. It’s that simple!

​Thanks to the two ounce Pro Guppy Weight crankbaits can be fished much deeper and also on shorter lead lengths. Even better this system can be trolled out to the side of the boat using an OR12 Side-Planer making it possible to fish multiple lines and lures at multiple depths.

​ Pick your lures, pick your trolling speed and pick your target depth, the PTD app and the 50+2 data is just that easy to use. Every year new lures are added to the 50+2 data system as the PTD app is updated.


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