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Suzuki EFI Kicker Motors

By: Mark Romanack

Suzuki’s new EFI kicker motors are the only EFI kickers that offer both electric start and a manual start option. Should your boat batteries fail, this simple pull start feature insures you can still start the kicker and get back to port. A kicker motor isn’t just for trolling. A kicker motor is also affordable insurance for the big water angler.

​ The gasoline powered trolling motor (aka kicker) has been a staple part of Great Lakes boats for almost as long as there has been Great Lakes fisheries. The kicker motor is the perfect tool for maintaining consistent trolling speeds. The kicker is also the best option for trolling situations that require maintaining speeds below 2.0 MPH.

​ Chances are if the kicker motor on your boat is a few years old, that motor features a carburetor and choke system that controls the amount of fuel entering the combustion chambers. While primary power outboards have enjoyed Electronic Fuel Injection or EFI technology for many years, the kicker motor market has only recently been blessed with outboards that feature EFI technology.

​ For those who are not familiar with EFI technology, it more precisely controls the amount of fuel that is mixed with oxygen and injected into the engine’s combustion chamber. The results are cleaner burning engines that produce less emissions, smoother running engines and engines that start easier and idle better at slower speeds. An outboard that features EFI technology also enjoys significantly better fuel economy and they run far better when subjected to icy cold water and weather conditions.

​ In short, EFI technology makes our lives as anglers far better and it helps us protect our environment from unnecessary outboard emissions. Suzuki Marine recently introduced a new line of EFI kicker motors aimed at the Great Lakes and multi-species fishing markets. Available in 9.9, 15 and 20 HP models, these kickers are offered in 16, 20 and 25 inch transom models ideal for all fishing boat models. This new kicker motor goes well beyond adding EFI technology.

The new Suzuki kicker motors we will be running at Fishing 411 TV this year not only feature EFI technology, they offer electric start, power trim and tilt, anti-corrosion finishes suitable for saltwater use and a feature you will not find on any other EFI kicker currently on the market.

​ The new Suzuki EFI kickers offer both electric start and a manual start pull cord protruding from the cowling. While this feature may seem redundant, if you have issues with the starting battery, the kicker motors produced by other brands can’t be started. That oversight could easily leave you stranded on the water and in harms way.

Gasoline kicker motors are the work horse of the Great Lakes troller. No matter if you’re fishing a small, medium or large boat, the kicker will provide years and years of dependable service.

​It’s important to remember that not only does the kicker motor function as a trolling motor, in the event the primary outboard fails, the kicker motor can be used to limp back to port without having to invest in an expensive marine towing service. This safety feature alone is something every fisherman should take stock in.

​ In the big picture having a manual start option on a kicker motor is pure brilliance and it’s a feature you can only get on a Suzuki EFI kicker motor.

​The moral of this story is that if your kicker motor is not an outboard that features EFI technology, it might be time to consider re-powering.


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