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Suspension Seats for Multi-Species Boats

Mark Romanack

The author has spent a lifetime on big water chasing steelhead, salmon, brown trout, lakers, walleye and more. The Smooth Moves Ultra and Air are products every angler who fishes the big ponds should invest in.

​ My garage has seen a lot of boats over the years. Every winter I get a new boat and that boat is usually sold as a demo sometime during the fall. All sorts of folks have purchased my demos from first time boat buyers to seasoned veterans. Many of these people have become life long friends and fans of our TV shows, YouTube productions, outdoor writing and social media efforts.

​ One of the most popular accessories sold with these boats are the Smooth Moves seats. Everyone who has taken one of these seats for a real life test ride, instantly becomes a satisfied customer.


​ A lot of new technology has come our way that makes fishing more enjoyable and productive, but nothing has improved my attitude about fishing or enjoyment in the process more than Smooth Moves suspension seats. I first discovered these seats about a decade ago and now they are installed in place of the OEM standard driver and passenger seats on all my boats.

​ More than 30 years on the water has taken a toll on my body. Smooth Moves cushion the ride and allow me to not only face rough water with confidence, but I’m able to fish day after day without feeling like someone took a 2X4 to my body!


​ In short, everyone who has had the opportunity to ride on one of these suspension seats loves them and insists on adding them to their boat. Currently Smooth Moves produces two styles of suspension seats including the original Ultra which is a spring assisted hydraulic seat that can be adjusted for persons weighing from 100-300 pounds. The adjustment is a simple knob on the front of the seat that can be turned clockwise to increase the spring tension or counter-clockwise to soften the spring tension.

​ In my boats I mount the ultra on the passenger side of the boat because I fish with a lot of different people. It’s super easy for anyone I’m fishing with to quickly adjust the seat to their personal comfort level.


​ On the driver’s side of the boat I mount one of the Smooth Moves Air Suspension Seats. The Air uses compressed air to deliver and exceptionally smooth ride. A built-in compressor is simply hooked up to a 12 volt accessory plug mounted on the console of my boat. Almost every boat on the market has one of these 12 volt plugs factory installed.

​A button on the front of the seat can be pushed in to pump air into the seat, or pulled out to let air escape. In a matter of seconds I can set the seat tension to be perfect for the fishing conditions I’m facing on any given day.


The Smooth Moves Ultra retails for just under $600.00 and the Smooth Moves Air retails for just under $700.00. Both suspension seats come with everything needed for a “do it yourself” install. Both the Ultra and the Air use the standard OEM seat your boat was supplied with.

​A short video produced by Fishing 411 TV will help make it easy to do the installation in about 10 minutes with only some basic hand tools. Not only can Smooth Moves seats be easily installed, quickly adjusted for tension and adjusted forward and back to provide the right amount of leg room, these seats also swivel 360 degrees making it easy to sit in comfort while trolling and watching in-line boards.


​ Smooth Moves seats are American made and carry a three year warranty. A host of popular marine dealers carry and install Smooth Moves seats or you can order directly from the manufacturer and install them yourself.


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