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Our Favorite Pro Cure Scents

By: Mark Romanack

The crew at Fishing 411 TV have a lot of favorite scent products they use to entice fish to strike harder and with more enthusiasm. Super Gel Bloody Tuna is hands down our top choice for catching steelhead, trout and salmon in the Great Lakes waters.

​If you hang around the crew at Fishing 411 TV very long you’ll hear us talking about our favorite scent products for catching all kinds of fish including walleye, chinook and coho salmon, lake trout, steelhead and more.

​In most cases we opt for a natural scent product that closely replicates what a particular fish species is feeding commonly on. We call it “matching the hatch” and it makes good sense to use scent products fish are used to smelling.

When fishing walleye in the fall of the year at places like Lake Erie or Saginaw Bay, Pro Cure Gizzard Shad Super Gel is the scent product we use and recommend.

​For example, when we are targeting walleye in the fall of the year at places like Lake Erie or Saginaw Bay, we are going to be using Gizzard Shad formula Pro Cure Super Gel. Gizzard shad are a favorite food for walleye especially in the fall of the year when these popular bait fish start showing up in huge numbers at predictable places such as river mouths.

​By comparison, when we are targeting spring walleye in the Detroit River it’s Emerald Shiner Pro Cure Super Gel on our lures and baits. In the spring of the year the Detroit River is chuck full of emerald shiners and also walleye eager to eat them. Using an scent made from emerald shiners is hands down one of the best ways to maximize bites.

​Later in the spring and during the summer months when we are targeting walleye with crawler harnesses, we are using Nightcrawler Pro Cure Super Gel to keep a strong scent stream in the water. Nightcrawlers might not be a forage species walleye find often, but there is little doubt that the Earthy smell of a nightcrawler has been the undoing of countless fish including the walleye.

​For trout and salmon fishing, we follow the same rules most of the time. Typically we find that Smelt or Alewife formula Pro Cure Super Gel is the best option when targeting Great Lakes trout and salmon. The exception to that rule is a scent known as Super Gel Bloody Tuna.

​This particular Super Gel product is one of strongest scents in the line up. While it’s true no lake trout in the Great Lakes ever smelled a tuna, the intense “fishy oil” contained in Super Gel Bloody Tuna is routinely one of our best producing scent products on trout and salmon. In this case you’re going to have to simply take our word for it. Try Pro Cure Bloody Tuna Super Gel and you will be amazed how well it works at catching all species of trout and salmon.

​Another exception to the rule is when we are targeting steelhead, trout or salmon that are feeding on the eggs of other trout and salmon. In this situation it’s very tough to beat Pro Cure Salmon Egg a formula that reeks of the odor of fish eggs and does an amazing job of triggering strikes from steelhead, brown trout, lake trout and other species that regularly feed on salmon eggs in the fall and winter.

​The cool thing about using Pro Cure scent products is they produce fishing scents for literally every fishing situation. Catfish, panfish, walleye, bass, trout, salmon, sturgeon, pike or you name it, chances are a Pro Cure Super Gel was designed just to catch that species.


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