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Hooked on these Hooks

By: Mark Romanack

When switching out hooks on crankbaits and plugs, the Trokar TK949 is the author’s absolute “go to” hook. Anglers who like to use larger treble hooks will want to replace the hooks on their baits with a hook one size larger.

​ Over the years I’ve found myself using select hook models and sizes over and over again because they work. It’s really that simple and in my humble opinion fish hooks are about the last thing the average angler thinks about. That’s too bad because a hook can and does make or break a day on the water.

EAGLE CLAW 214 and 214R

​This extra thin wire Aberdeen style hook is absolutely the best choice when fishing yellow perch (size 6) and also bluegill (size 8 and 10) with live bait such as red worms, wax worms or small minnows. This popular hook is available in bronze, black or red wire.


​Guys who like to pour their own jigs will find that the Eagle Claw Pro V 90 degree hook is lights out for crappie, walleye, bass, trout and a host of other species. The Pro V bend makes this jig ideal for fishing with soft plastics, bait and for tipping bait when using soft plastics.

​ For crappie I like the 8 size when fishing 1//32 ounce jigs, for walleye the 1/0 is ideal for 3/8 and 1/2 ounce jigs and the 3/0 is ideal for the 5/8, 3/4 and one ounce jigs. For lake trout I like the 4/0 size hook for 1, 1.5 and 2 ounce jigs.


​ These powder coated octopus hooks are the perfect choice for fishing leeches on slip sinker rigs or slip floats. These hooks come in chartreuse, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, glow, lime green, fluorescent pink and purple which gives anglers lots of choices when it comes to experimenting with color.

​I like the No. 6 and No. 4 sizes for walleye. If you use small leeches for panfish the No. 8 is a good choice for bull bluegills.


​ Bass anglers who fish a drop shot rig will agree that this hook is a classic. The No. 4 is my “go to” for small plastics and the No. 2 is the hook I reach for when fishing thicker plastics.

When tying harnesses for SpinFish or trolling flies, the author recommends a 2/0 size Trokar TK2VP hook. No other hook is better for sticking and holding onto powerful fish like this chinook salmon.


​If you fish walleye with live bait, the Re-Volve Rotational Hook is a must have. This unique hook is designed to slowly spin a piece of nightcrawler about two inches long. Simply thread the worm up onto the hook shank and fish using a bottom bouncer and a four foot leader of 8 to 10 pound test fluorocarbon line. This popular hook comes in black or red plating finishes and the No. 4 and No. 2 are my favorite sizes.


​This extra wide gap worm hook is a work horse for Texas Rigging small plastics (size No. 1/0) and also for bulkier plastics (size 3/0).


​This round bend thin wire treble hook is the absolutely best option for tying custom stinger hooks for walleye (No. 10) or for lake trout (No. 6). For walleye I use 15 pound test fluorocarbon just long enough to position the hook at the very end of the plastic or live bait. For lake trout a slightly bigger No. 6 is more appropriate.


​The Trokar TK2VR is an octopus hook perfect for tying nightcrawler harnesses or any single hook live bait rig. Nothing is sharper. The No. 4 is ideal for fishing smaller walleye or among weeds. The No. 2 is the best choice for open water walleye. The No. 2/0 is a perfect choice for rotating plugs like the SpinFish, or trolling flies.

When live bait rigging for walleye, the author reaches for the Trokar TK2VP or TK2VR octopus hook in No. 4 or No. 2 size. Mark and family have caught literally thousands of walleye on these hooks.


​This wide bend treble hook is my choice for walleye crankbaits. These hooks are wicked sharp and the wide bend design sticks and keeps fish stuck. No other treble hook does a better job than the TK949. Most crankbaits will require No. 6, No. 4 or No. 2 sizes depending on the bait model.


​This list could go on for ever, but these are the hooks I trust and use often. Eagle Claw is the only hook manufacturer left that produces their hooks in America with USA labor. All other hooks on the market are imported. That alone is a good reason to select Eagle Claw and Trokar hooks, not to mention they flat out work.


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