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Boat Seat Suspensions

By: Mark Romanack

Smooth Moves Boat Seat Suspensions are affordable, easy to install and they take the pounding out of operating a boat on rough water.

​ Some products just sell themselves. All it takes is one test ride in a boat equipped with Smooth Moves Seat Suspensions to become convinced how these unique suspensions absorb the shock of running in rough water.

​At Fishing 411 TV we take delivery of our boats in the fall, rig them and fish them throughout the year. We typically sell the boat the following fall and start the process all over again. The customers who consider buying one of our boats have the luxury of enjoying a test ride and also a walk-thru that explains in detail all of the accessories and fishing gear featured on the boat.

​ Should the customer decide to purchase the boat, they have the option of not purchasing select accessories featured on the boat. In all the years we have represented Smooth Moves Seats, not one single customer has opted not to purchase our boats with the Smooth Moves Seats included!

​ Literally everyone who experiences the Smooth Moves ride, falls in love with these boat seat suspensions. Not only do Smooth Moves Seat Suspensions do an excellent job of making any boat ride a more enjoyable experience, they are affordable, easy to use, easily installed and backed by a no risk 100% satisfaction guarantee!

​On our Fishing 411 TV boats we rig the Smooth Moves Air to the drivers side of the boat. This model allows air to be pumped in or released from the suspension using one simple switch. Even on the fly, the driver of the boat can easily add or remove air pressure to create the perfect ride for anyone up to 350 pounds!

​The Smooth Moves Air can be wired to any 12 volt outlet or hard wired directly to the boat’s house battery.

When it comes to fishing big water, the author feels every boat should be equipped with suspension seats.

​On the passenger side, we opt to use the Smooth Moves Ultra Seat Suspension. The Ultra is a hydraulic assisted suspension seat that requires no electricity to operate. The suspension tension can be easily adjusted for anglers weighing from 100 to 300 pounds.

​Because most boats don’t feature a power outlet on the passenger side of the boat, the Ultra is the perfect seat suspension for this application.


​ Anyone can install a Smooth Moves Seat Suspension using just basic hand tools. When you purchase a Smooth Moves Seat Suspension the box will include a seat base replacement. Remove the factory OEM seat base and replace it with the Smooth Moves seat base.

​Next remove the swivel base from your OEM boat seat and replace it with the Smooth Moves mounting plate. Now it’s time to mount the Smooth Moves box mount to the OEM seat with the base plate attached.

​The final step is to lower the seat and box mount onto the Smooth Moves pedestal base. The Smooth Moves web page offers an easy to follow installation video that will make the process of mounting Smooth Moves Seat Suspensions simple and straight forward.


​The only thing easier than installing a Smooth Moves Seat Suspension is the required maintenance. Using a spray lubricant with a straw applicator squirt a little lubricant into the holes on the top of the seat suspension once a year for freshwater use and twice a year for saltwater use.

​When using the Ultra, back off the spring tension knob when storing the boat for long periods of time. That’s it! The Smooth Moves Seat Suspension are trouble free and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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