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A Touch of Color

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Mark Romanack

Witch Craft tape is widely used in the fishing tackle industry to add color and flash to a host of items including flashers, dodgers, diving planers, lures and much more.

Those of us who have been around the fishing block a time or two, know that color matters when it comes to fishing lures. While lure color might not make or break a day on the water, it does make a difference if you’re lucky or skillful enough to figure out what color is working best on any given day.

The “custom color” Kool-Aid walleye anglers are currently drinking up is a good indication how important unique colors are to serious fishermen. The problem with custom colored crankbaits is they are expensive. On average these baits cost about double what a stock color walleye crankbait costs.

All experienced anglers know that color makes a difference, but the best color on any given day changes due to water clarity, light intensity, water depth and a host of other variables. The ability to change colors quickly and on the fly using products like Witch Craft tape can make a difference.

Enter Witch Craft tape stage left. Witch Craft has been producing peel and stick flash and color tapes designed to dress up fishing lures for as long as I can remember. You can buy sheets and cut out the shapes you want or they also produce patterns like ladder back tape that provides both a touch of color and also some additional depth of field. You can even get dots from Witch Craft that function nicely as eyes or to put a splash of contrasting colors on baits.

Witch Craft tape can be used to add color and flash to just about any lure or trolling device.

For the best results the baits must be clean and dry. Use a little soap and water or alcohol to clean lures before applying the tape. Witch Craft tapes come in a wide variety of colors and this stuff is very reasonable in price. A package of two sheets roughly two inches by six inches in size is enough to dress up a dozen or more baits and it retails for just $2.00!

After using this tape to decorate lures, if you change your mind, simply peel off the tape and use a little acetone to remove the adhesive before trying a different color or pattern. Fishermen or fisherwomen who enjoy tinkering with color will find that Witch Craft tape should be a permanent part of your bag of tricks. Available at tackle shops everywhere, the opportunities to experiment with color are only limited by your imagination.


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