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A Different Kind Of Outboard

It is safe to say that most fishermen these days are using four stroke outboards. Since Yamaha and Mercury both stopped producing two stroke outboards, it seems as if anglers don’t have a choice anymore.

It may seem to the casual onlooker that two stroke is yesterday’s news, but there is more to the story. Evinrude’s G1 and G2 outboards are two stroke, but these engines are not the outboards of your youth. Mention two stroke technology and most anglers conjure up images of those blue clouds of oil ridden smoke that occurred when the engine was started up.

Evinrude E-Tec uses a completely different two stroke technology known as direct injection. Instead of mixing fuel, oil and air in a carburetor, Evinrude direct injection engines feature an injector that provides a pressurized and precise fuel and oil mixture directly to the combustion chamber. The results are amazing to say the least. Every molecule of gasoline and oil is in turn burned in the combustion chamber, creating an outboard that delivers no smoke, far less emissions even than four stroke outboards, more torque and significantly better gasoline mileage.

Direct injection technology is so unique it has been adopted by the majority of the world’s automobile manufacturers for exactly the same reasons. In the outboard world however Evinrude is the only manufacturer producing direct injection two stroke engines.

While other manufacturers have put their eggs in the four stroke basket, Evinrude stands firm to their belief that the best outboards are those that are small, lightweight, powerful, environmental friendly, require low maintenance and are stingy on fuel.

On top of these attributes, E-Tec Outboards also require far less maintenance than four stroke engines. If that hasn’t sold you maybe the warranty will? Evinrude is offering a 10 year, fully transferrable and non-declining factory warranty on all G2 outboards. That means of you sell your Evinrude, the new owner can enjoy the remaining warranty, no questions asked! No other manufacturer of outboard engines even comes close to that warranty.


Anglers who do a lot of trolling depend heavily on a small gasoline engine for these chores. Mercury and Yamaha again only offer kicker motors using four stroke technology. Two major issues are associated with using four stroke for kicker motors.

The first problem is that kicker motors see a lot of action. These engines are often started at the beginning of the fishing day and they run literally all day long and are used day after day after day. It’s not hard to rack up a ton of hours on a kicker motor. Four stroke kickers require the crankcase oil and oil filter to be replaced every 100 hours. For an avid troller that means servicing the kicker two, three or even four times a year. That much maintenance amounts to a lot of down time and significant service bills to wrestle.

The back of Mark’s X2 Phantom features two Evinrude two stroke outboards. The 15 HO features a digital throttle control on the tiller handle that makes it easy to dial in precise trolling speeds. The G2 225 is a beast that delivers more torque than any other outboard in it’s class.

Again, the only outboard company that produces a two stroke kicker motor is Evinrude. The 15 HO E-Tec uses the same direct fuel injection technology found in other Evinrude outboards. The first scheduled maintenance on this outboard comes at 300 hours! That means the Evinrude is fishing while counterpart four strokes are being serviced.

The second feature regarding kicker motors that trollers should be aware of is the idle speed adjustment. Four stroke kicker motors use a mechanical throttle control. Adjusting the trolling speed becomes tricky because four stroke engines tend to idle up and idle down during operation.

The solution for this problem is installing an after market digital throttle control. Unfortunately, a digital throttle control is expensive and requires a trained mechanic to install.

Evinrude 15 HO kickers feature a digital throttle control built right into the tiller handle. This unique feature allows the engine RPM’s to be adjusted in small increments making it possible to establish any trolling speed and keep the speed consistent for hours on end.

Evinrude’s 15 HO features a built-in throttle control right on the tiller handle. By pushing a simple button the operator can increase or decrease the engine idle speed in 50 RPM increments. This unique feature makes it easy to dial in precise trolling speeds and maintain them for hours and hours.


Evinrude is currently the only major outboard motor manufacturer to produce a direct injection two stroke outboard. While the rest of the outboard world has put their eggs in the four stoke basket, those who understand the advantages of two stroke are quick to point out that a direct injected two stroke has more torque, less emissions, better gasoline economy and lower maintenance costs than any four stroke outboard.

The moral of the story is don’t count out two stroke technology. To learn more about direct injection two stroke technology visit get the facts.

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