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Two Great Lakes

It’s not often you catch king salmon, coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, lake trout and smallmouth bass on the same fishing trip. Our recent visit to the Niagara Falls region of New York however is one of those rare fishing destinations that offers great fishing for these species and also brown trout, walleye and steelhead.

King salmon like this one caught by the author are the big draw to the Niagara Region of Lake Ontario, but coho salmon, lake trout, brown trout and steelhead are also in the daily mix.

The beauty of a trip to the Niagara region is that Lake Ontario and the best trout and salmon fishing in the Great Lakes is at your doorstep. Nearby the Niagara River provides year around fishing opportunities for salmonids in the winter, spring and fall and also some of the best smallmouth bass fishing found anywhere.

The Niagara River is also a gem that offers up great fishing on blow days when the big pond is too rough to fish and less than 30 minutes away lies Lake Erie and the sheltered waters of Buffalo Harbor that are legendary for producing world class fishing for walleye and smallmouth bass.

Collectively having two Great Lakes so close together and the Upper and Lower Niagara River connecting them, fishermen are treated to amazing fishing opportunities. This region is the perfect place to bring your own boat and fishing gear or if you prefer book a trip with the countless guides, charter captains and outfitters who operate from these waters.

To learn more about the fishing and travel opportunities found near Niagara Falls, visit the site Every trip the Fishing 411

crew takes to the Niagara Region leaves us excited about a return visit. In the world of sport fishing, that’s about as good as it gets.

Charter captain Frank Campbell (left), Jake Romanack (center) and legendary ice fisherman Dave Genz pose with a steelhead that Dave caught on the Lower Niagara River after attending the annual Niagara Falls Fishing Expo.

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