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Let's Go Low...Profile That Is

In the world of sport fishing equipment, it’s not easy to stand the test of time. From my perspective, it appears that rod and certainly reel designs are in a constant state of change. They say change is a good thing and certainly change is what makes innovation possible. Unfortunately, in the fishing business change happens so quickly that new products are introduced and seemingly discontinued in the same model year!

Thankfully a few products do stand the test of time and consumer satisfaction. Round frame trolling reels like Daiwa’s famous Sealine series have been on the market for several decades. Noteworthy as affordable and also highly functional line counter reels, the Sealine series has earned the respect of countless anglers the old fashioned way.

The Daiwa Lexa is a new low profile line counter reel that is rewriting the book on trolling. Available in sizes 100, 300 and 400, there is a reel for every trolling application. Lightweight, super strong and more drag pressure than can be found on any traditional round frame reel, the Lexa LC is certain to become a staple among serious trollers.

About 30 years ago I purchased half a dozen Daiwa SG27LC reels for walleye trolling. At the time, my writing career was just getting off the ground and I was looking for affordable line counter reels. I never dreamed that those reels would still be catching fish three decades down the road!

For the troller who is searching for line counter reels that are both affordable and 100% functional, the Sealine series is unmatched. If it weren’t for a completely new class of trolling reel, I would probably keep fishing those same Sealine reels for another 30 years!


Daiwa’s latest introduction into the line counter trolling reel category are known as the Lexa low profile series. At first glance the Lexa LC reels appear to be little more than a baitcasting reels with a line counter feature. Upon closer examination it becomes apparent that the Lexa LC are hard core trolling reels suitable for a wide range of trolling chores.

Lighter and more powerful than any line counter reel to come before it, the Lexa series by Daiwa comes with paddle handles, power handles and also in a left hand retrieve version. At $199.99 it isn’t cheap, but for the serious troller it’s the reel all others will be compared to.

Dig a little deeper and the advantages of the low profile design start to emerge. The most obvious difference is that the Lexa LC reels are lighter than traditional round frame trolling reels with similar line capacity. The Lexa LC300P weighs in at 12 ounces compared to the Sealine SG27LC that weighs 16.2 ounces.

The second noteworthy feature of the Lexa series reels is a substantially beefed up maximum drag pressure. The Lexa 300 series features a whopping 22 pounds of drag pressure compared to the Sealine series that offers 16 pounds of drag pressure.

Designed to be lightweight, but tough enough to whip anything with fins, the Lexa series is currently available in three sizes including a 100, 300 and 400 model. Both paddle and power handle configurations are available and also left hand retrieve models in all three sizes.


The 100 size Lexa LC reels feature a line capacity of 120 yards of 14 pound test monofilament or 140 yards of 40 pound test braid. At just 8.6 ounces this featherweight is ideal for fishing walleye with bottom bouncers, flat line trolling with lighter braids or back-trolling plugs for steelhead. The manufacturers suggested retail price on this reel is $129.99.


The size 300 Lexa LC reels feature a line capacity of 240 yards of 12 pound test monofilament or 240 yards of 40 pound test braid. The work horse in the Lexa line up, this reel is the perfect size for trolling crankbaits for walleye, back-trolling plugs for steelhead, plug and spoon trolling for brown trout, off shore steelhead and salmon trolling chores. The suggested retail for the Lexa LC300P is $199.99.


The largest reel in the Lexa LC series, the 400 features a line capacity of 190 yards of 20 pound test monofilament or 300 yards of 55 pound test braid. The larger line capacity of the Lexa 400 makes this reel a great choice for fishing diving planers for trout, salmon and walleye, trolling with lead core line, high speed musky trolling, trolling spawning rivers for salmon and also this reel is ideally suited to downrigger fishing applications. The suggested retail pricing on the Lexa LC400 is $249.99.

Board trolling is just one of the jobs that the new Lexa LC reels from Daiwa work great at. These new reels will also be ideal for back-trolling plugs, fishing bottom bouncers, long lining crankbaits, fishing diving planers and a host of other trolling applications.


The Lexa LC reels are also useful for trollers who spool up with speciality lines such as Monel Trolling Wire, Mason Seven Strand Stainless Trolling Wire or Torpedo Nineteen Strand Trolling Wire that are commonly used for fishing the larger sizes of diving planers and also for pulling diving crankbaits with planer board mast systems.


Low profile trolling reels like the new Lexa Line Counter series are the next generation of trolling reels. Lighter, easier to hold and with more power than conventional round frame reels, it looks like there is a new Sheriff in town.

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