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Scents. It's Not Just A Salmon/Trout Thing

Using fishing scents like Pro Cure’s Super Gel is no joke. This e-mail was forwarded to me by Captain David Slominski based on his recent experience using Pro Cure Super Gel on the Detroit River. Thanks Captain David for taking the time to share these fishing tips, for writing this nice e-mail and also for sharing your result photos. Thanks to Captain David a lot of other anglers are now enjoying the benefits of Pro Cure Super Gel. Mark Romanack, Host Fishing 411 TV.

Hey Mark,

I was at your Ultimate Walleye Clinic at the Novi Ultimate Fishing show and won the raffle for the Pro Cure scents. Ive fished all my life and have not really been a fan of scents because they never seemed to make a difference. Well I can say now, you have transformed my thinking with the Pro Cure Super Gel. I was fishing the Detroit River a few days ago and the Canadian side on the upper river was turning into mud. Me and some buddies were searching for big fish and were struggling. I decided, eh why not give the Pro Cure a whirl. Pro Cure definetly was the ticket. We got into some big fish finally. Also this is my first year in the charter business and yesterday was an amazing day. Everyone on the river was catching fish but I would say 90-95 percent of people were using minnows including my customers. I wasn’t fishing with minnows because I wanted to control the boat and let my customers have first crack at the fish. After a few hours of me not using minnows I never got a bite but my customers had limits in 2 hours and we were playing catch and release the rest of the day. Well the last 2 hours of the trip I decided to put on some Pro Cure to see if it made any difference. Seriously within 5 minutes of me adding Pro Cure to my jig and soft plastic I got a bite. We actually ran out of minnows so I put the Pro Cure Trophy Walleye

gel on all our soft plastic baits and it was game on. The walleye were just absolutely hammering our jig/plastic set ups. No stingers needed! The fish were coming 2-3 feet off the bottom and still just hammering us. I’m a firm believer in Pro Cure now and just want to say THANK YOU! Have a good rest of the weekend and good fishing!

Captain David Slominski

Generations Fishing Charters.

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