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           As Fishing 411 TV begins Season 18, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished during the preceding 17 years. When Fishing 411 TV started in 2007, Jake Romanack was just 12 years old. While Jake wasn’t exactly old enough to co-host a TV series, he did appear in multiple episodes fishing right along side his dad Mark Romanack. 

           More than 220 full length episodes have been filmed, edited and broadcast on national television networks including Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and in recent years Sportsman Canada. Back in 2007 Fishing 411 TV identified Outdoor Sportsman Group as their broadcast partners and we have never looked back. 

There are other outdoor TV networks, but Outdoor Sportsman Group is the cream of the crop. Back when we started in 2007, we broadcast in 720p resolution and shot our programs on Mini DV tapes. Grainy video images were the standard of the times. Today we are shooting our shows using a host of different cameras including professional grade digital video cameras, DSLR cameras, drones and state of the art point of view cameras all capable of producing 4K to 8K resolution!

           To say the least the quality of Fishing 411 TV has gotten better with every season. Every episode is now supported with a “movie quality” trailer video that tells the story without giving away the highlights. The goal of these social media trailers is to entice more and more viewers into checking out what Fishing 411 TV has to offer. 

          While the video gear we use to create Fishing 411 TV has changed a great deal over the years, our focus has remained steadfast. The goal of each episode of Fishing 411 TV is to educate viewers enough that they have the confidence to go out and hit the water themselves. That’s why during fishing we routinely stop and elaborate on the details that are helping us be successful. Over and over again we hear from our fans how much they appreciate the information we share on our TV episodes each and every week.

          Many of the sponsors that helped us get started in TV back in 2007 are still with us today. SmokerCraft Inc., manufacturers of Starcraft Boats has been with us every step of the way. Nearly every episode filmed since 2007 has been shot out of Starcraft or SmokerCraft boat.

          Off Shore Tackle was also with us at the beginning. The same is true of Trailmaster Trailers, Smooth Moves Seats, Jay’s Sporting Goods, Yakima Bait, Niagara Falls USA, the Ultimate Sport Show Tour, Fish Hawk, Precision Trolling Data and Striker Brands. Down the road a few years we picked up additional sponsors including Pro Cure Bait Scents, Cisco Fishing Systems, Eagle Claw, Bill Lewis, Suzuki Marine, Zipwake, Abyss Lithium Batteries and the Lake St. Clair Walleye Association.

           Throughout all this growth, Fishing 411 TV has been created using the same core group of individuals including Mark Romanack as the Executive Producer, Mari Romanack as the Social Media Coordinator, Jake Romanack as Co-Host, Gabe VanWormer as Chief Editor and Paige Romanack as the weekly newsletter editor.

            Every week the goal is to educate anglers to the latest fishing tactics and the hottest fishing destinations in the Great Lakes Region. Once in awhile we step outside our Great Lakes comfort zone to focus on other noteworthy fisheries, but always we return to our roots so we can do what we do best.


~Mark Romanack, Executive Producer
Fishing 411 TV and 411 Productions

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