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National Broadcast TV

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156 broadcasts 

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National Broadcast TV

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Who Is Fishing 411 TV?


Mark Romanack

Host/Executive Producer

Mark Romanack is a veteran outdoor communicator with over 30 years experience writing for outdoor magazines and book publishers. Since 2007 Mark has been  Executive Producer of Fishing 411 TV. During that time, Mark has hosted, directed and delivered to market nearly 200 national TV episodes.


Jake Romanack


Jake Romanack has grown up in the sport fishing business and has exceptional skill sets and an intimate understanding of how to create outdoor media through social, video, photography and editing. Even more important, Jake is an outstanding angler with a burning passion to share his knowledge of fishing with others.


Gabe VanWormer

Field Producer/Editor

Gabe VanWormer has 15 years of outdoor television production experience. During that time Gabe has shot, edited and delivered to broadcast 100’s of full length TV episodes. Gabe’s responsibilities as Chief Editor at Fishing 411  TV includes shooting episodes, editing for TV distribution, delivering episodes and providing content for on demand TV.

Mari Romanack

Social Media

Mari Romanack is the Social Media Coordinator and Web Assistant for Smoker Craft, Inc,  including all 6 brands. In addition, she is also the Social Media Coordinator for Yakima Bait Company, Fishing 411 TV, and Precision Trolling Data, LLC.  Mari also builds and maintains the Fishing 411 & Precision Trolling Data websites and creates a monthly newsletter for Yakima Bait Company.


Fishing 411 TV Trailers


     For each of the 13 original TV episodes created, Fishing 411 builds an episode trailer to promote that episode via social media a few days prior to broadcast. Video trailers are designed to capture the interest of our fan base, attract new fans to the TV show and showcase important sponsor brands featured in each episode.

     To achieve maximum exposure, these trailers are financially boosted on social media channels to expand the footprint of Fishing 411 TV and our supporting sponsors.  In addition, the trailers are shared to respective sponsor Pages and group venues.

      Collectively, the benefits of producing trailers  for every episode are critically important to the growth of Fishing 411 TV and supporting sponsors. Trailers also create an open line of communication that allows us to actively engage our followers via e-mail, Messanger, Facebook and other social media venues. In 2019 the 13 trailers received 1.5 million views.

Outdoor Writing

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Mark Romanack

•Monthly Columnist Michigan

Woods n Waters News

40,000 paid homes


•Monthly Columnist Michigan

Out of Doors Magazine

25,000 paid homes


•Monthly Columnist

Great Lakes Angler

55,000 paid homes


•Weekly Fishing 411 Blog



•Distinguished Author of Over 3,000

Published Articles in 60 Popular Periodicals, author of 11 hard bound books and 3 e-books.


100 K Followers

•20K followers Fishing 411 TV

•7K followers Mark Romanack

•5K Jake Romanack

•18K followers Precision Trolling Data, LLC

•Video Views on Facebook 1.5M



Social Admin Additional Reach 60K+

Yakima Bait

Starcraft Marine

Smoker Craft Marine

Sylvan Marine

Sun Chaser Marine

Social Media


Consumer Sport Shows

40' x 50' Trade Show Display

Fully Rigged Multi-Species Boat






Multi-Media Seminars

       Mark & Jake Romanack are in high demand as fishing educators and seminar leaders. The multi-media seminars they have become known for, incorporate short video clips and Keynote graphics. Both educational and entertaining, these seminars are conducted at major sport show venues, fishing clubs, retail in-store events and wild game banquets. Approximately 40 of these multi-media presentations are conducted each winter to an estimated audience of 5,000 avid anglers.



A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words.....

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•Outdoor Writing

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•Fishing Blogs


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•YouTube Shorts

•Social Networking Clips

•Web Page Content

•Commercial Spots

•Branding Videos

•Point of Purchase Displays

•Boating Test Ride Videos

• (120 boats & counting…)

•Pro Staff Testimonials


Product Development

Products Fishing 411 Have Helped Develop


•Off Shore Tackle OR12 Side-Planer

•Off Shore Tackle Snap Weight Kit

•Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Divers

•Off Shore Tackle Mini Board

•Yakima Bottom Walker

•Yakima Spin n Glo Bottom Walker

•Yakima Hammer Time Walleye Jigs

•Yakima Hammer Time Spinners

•Starcraft STX 2050 Multi-Species Boat

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