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Anyone who has fished for chinook salmon in Michigan waters since 2012 has no doubt witnessed a dramatic decline in the numbers of these impressive fish. The steady decline of chinook salmon numbers in Michigan has been directly influenced by steadily declining stocking efforts of these fish.

River run salmon can be caught a number of ways, but the author feels that fishing spawn below a float is the most productive way to boat these fish day-in and day-out.

            The Michigan DNR Fisheries Division made a conscious effort to reduce stocking efforts on chinook in response to trawling reports that suggested the alewife forage base of Lake Michigan was on the bridge of collapse. A similar collapse of the alewife population in Lake Huron occurred some years ago and for reasons no one seems to be able to pinpoint the alewife numbers in Lake Huron have never recovered.

            So for anglers who covet chinook salmon the years since 20...

The dead of winter hardly seems the time to be thinking about planning an open water walleye adventure. Actually, winter is the perfect time to do the research it requires to find fisheries other anglers have not discovered.

Lake Nipigon is huge and offers almost unlimited rocky shorelines ideal for pitching walleye jigs.

            When most anglers in Michigan think about planning a trip to Ontario they are most likely focusing on fly-in fishing adventures. Some of the best fishing found in North America takes place in Ontario at countless fish camps only available by float plane.

            As someone who has experienced fly-in fishing camps in every corner of Ontario, I can say these adventures rank among my favorite fishing memories. The sound of a De Havilland Beaver or Otter float plane warming up prior to departure has a resonance that can’t be described, it must be experienced.


Back in September, the Fishing 411 TV crew traveled to a world class smallmouth fishing destination few anglers are aware of. Ironically, this destination isn’t a remote wilderness trip, a fly-in camp or even one of those trips you have to drive for many hours to reach.


            We visited an area along the North shore of Lake Huron known as the Whaleback region. Named for the arching rocks that stick out of the water and resemble a breaching whale, the Whaleback is located near the town of Spanish, Ontario.

            Spanish, Ontario is located about an hour and a half east of Sault Ste., Marie on Highway 17. Our base camp was Waterfalls Lodge, located just a couple minutes out of Spanish.


            When traveling and fishing in this area of Ontario we often stay at Waterfalls Lodge for a number of reasons. Lodging is available in both cabin rentals and...

Across Ontario there are literally thousands of lakes and rivers teaming with walleye, pike, trout and more. An avid angler can spend a lifetime trying to fish all these bodies of water and never come close to experiencing even a fraction of the world class fishing destinations Ontario has to offer.

            I know this first hand because I’ve spent the better part of my fishing career traveling to every corner of Ontario. While my travels have taken me north, south, east and west in Ontario, to say I’ve seen it all would be an understatement. What I have experienced ranks as some of the best fishing in North America.

Outfitter and master fishing guide Chad Thompson of Pasha Lake Cabins has access to some of the best fishing in North America. Besides being intimately knowledgeable about Lake Nipigon, guests who visit Pasha Lake Cabins have access to over 100 different lakes in the region. Walleye, lake trout, northern pike, whitefish a...

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