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            At Fishing 411, spring is my favorite season. In a typical year there are so many places to fish and so many species to target, we as a TV production crew can’t even scratch the surface.

            Case in point, to date this spring I’ve fished the Detroit River, Lake Erie, Milwaukee Harbor, Lake Ontario, Green Bay, the Niagara River, Benton Harbor and Grand Traverse Bay. For every place our TV crew has visited, there are two or three others we want to visit and just can’t find the time.

            In short, spring is a productive time of year for fishing because almost everything with fins is biting in April and May. The down side to Spring fishing is the unstable weather that often spoils the fun. The spring of 2019 will go down as one of the worst when it comes to bad weather and bad fishing conditions.

Usually in April the...

Back when I started fishing professionally over 30 years ago, walleye fishing was a little different. Yes, there were walleye way back then and no they did not swim with dinosaurs!

            One of the presentations that routinely produced fish in those days was a technique known as “tipping” a wobbling plug. Tipping is the process of adding one or two inches of nightcrawler to either the belly or tail treble hook on a wobbling plug. Tipping presents a scent stream in the water and a little different action or look to the bait.

Talk about ole school, this Spring Frog FlatFish is not only an ole school bait it’s an ole school color choice as well. Mark, pictured here with this dandy walleye, on the other hand is just old!


            Back in the day, tipping was hugely popular and yet today I can’t remember the last time I witnessed anyone else doing it. Strange how times and fi...

The lipless crankbait is hardly the new kid on the block, but for walleye anglers these lures are just starting to make a splash. Classic lipless crankbaits like the Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap or Cotton Cordell Super Spot have been catching bass for decades. Most often used for fishing among submerged wood or aquatic weeds, the lipless design of these crankbaits allows them to fish through cover with amazing efficiency.

Lipless crankbaits are making a big splash among walleye anglers these days. Once thought of as a “bass lure” lipless baits do a great job of triggering strikes from walleye like this.


            Not only do lipless crankbaits fish well in cover, they produce a lot of vibration and rattling noise in the water. Bass fishermen reach for these baits not only when fishing in cover, but when faced with stained and off color water.

            Walleye fishermen are arguably late to the party when i...

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