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At Fishing 411 we believe that little things make a big difference in fishing success. It’s the refinements associated with fishing that often separate the average fisherman from those who are consistently successful.

The author believes firmly in tackle matching his rods and reels to enjoy the best balance and function from his gear.

            Tackle matching is one of those refinements I have been preaching for decades. When trolling and even for jigging and casting applications, I strongly feel that anglers who equip themselves with balanced and matching rods and reels are going to be consistently more successful. This is precisely why many manufacturers of rods and reels create tackle series that are designed to make it easier for anglers to match up the right rods and reels for specific fishing presentations.


            A good place to start this discussion is with line counter style trolling reels. Most angl...

The times, they are a changing. When I first started taking a serious look at developing my trolling skills, there wasn’t much in the way of trolling reels on the market to pick from. Most of the reels we did have to choose from were sloppy handled bushing reels. The silky smooth continuous anti-reverse and ball bearing reels we have today were only pipe dreams in those days.

The times have certainly changed since the author purchased his first Daiwa trolling reels more than 40 years ago. These days trolling reels come in a much wider assortment of models, sizes and features including both traditional round frame reels and the new low profile designs.


            The retrieve ratio on those reels were also painfully slow. Landing a fish back in those days required lots of cranking. Also, there were no such thing as power handles, left hand retrieve reels, self engaging clutches or high capacity reels.


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