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For those anglers who spend a lot of time chasing walleye in the winter months, it’s the jigging spoon that does the heavy lifting. Ironically, during the rest of the year the jigging spoon gets little love from walleye enthusiasts. Thankfully, in the winter months this oversight is more than made up for.

For winter walleye jigging, it’s the jigging spoon that does the heavy lifting.


             The jigging spoon is so effective on winter walleye, nearly every tackle manufacturer has a walleye spoon or two in their catalogs. Having a wide variety of spoons to choose from is a good thing, but based on my results ice fishing for walleye across the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Ontario the baits that work day in and day out represent a rather short list.

            This is one example when being on the “short list” is a good thing because these are the baits that produce in a wide...

            A growing number of anglers who fish in-line planer boards are asking questions about how best to release the board when a fish is hooked or just for switching out unproductive lures. Perhaps the first question we should attack is why is it important to rig in-line board so it can be tripped?

Once the line is released from the tow arm, the Off Shore Tackle Side Planer simply spins around in the water and stops planing to the side. The board remains fixed to the line thanks to the OR16 Snap Weight Clip mounted to the back of the board. The board and fish are reeled in together and the board removed from the line when it gets close enough to the boat the angler can reach it.


            Back in the day when in-line planer boards were just starting to show up on the trolling scene, a lot of anglers where making the transition from using a planer board mast system to using in-line boards. At the t...

Based on the number of e-mails and other communications I’m getting about the DeTour Passage Atlantic Salmon show that aired recently, it appears guys are more than a little interested in this fishery. The good news is that the DeTour Passage fishery is largely overlooked and has great potential. The bad news is that collectively the number of Atlantic salmon that are raised and released into Lake Huron and the St. Mary’s River is modest enough that these impressive fish are not likely to become the next big thing in Great Lakes fishing. 

Brightly colored spoons like this Orange Chilly Willy by Wolverine Tackle proved to be the most productive color patterns for targeting Atlantic salmon at DeTour Passage.

            Currently the stocking efforts for Atlantic salmon include about 30,000 to 35,000 fish from the Lake Superior State University Aquatic Research Lab that are stocked in the St. Mary’s River.  Another 100,000 Atlantic salmon raised by the Michigan DNR that are stocked “Johnny...

The “Devil is in the Details”, so they say. In the case of a good fish dinner, the details of how fish are cleaned and prepared for the table can make the difference in sea food that tastes heavenly or ends up being a meal fit for the Devil!

            For more than 40 years I’ve been cleaning and cooking my own fish. Along the way I’ve picked up a tip or two that makes my fish dinners something to brag about. I’d like to claim I have some secret recipe for making fish take heavenly, but the truth is what makes for a good fish dinner is how a fish is treated prior to cooking.

The author’s friend Kirk Herman passed away a few years ago. When Kirk was doing the cooking no one turned down an invitation to his fish fries. While every cook has his or her secrets, the thing that makes fish on the table so rewarding is the people who helped us catch the fish in the first place.


            Fish can be frozen and enjoyed mon...

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