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 When it comes to crankbaits suitable for catching walleye, most of the love goes to a handful of noteworthy baits. The fact that these baits work is testament enough to explain why anglers rely on them day in and day out to catch walleye.

            My short list of “must have” walleye crankbaits includes the iconic Reef Runner 800 series, Bandit 5/8 Walleye, Rapala Deep Husky Jerk 12, Smithwick Perfect 10 and the Rapala Husky Jerk 14. Each one of these lures have taken countless walleye for the Fishing 411 crew and a host of other avid walleye trollers in the Great Lakes region.

            For as good as these baits are most days, there are some days when a little different wiggle and look is in order. The following is a list of crankbaits that on occasion have proven their worth or baits that appear to be the next big thing in walleye trolling.


                It’s interesting to note how some lures tend to get pigeon holed. In-line spinners like the iconic Rooster Tail by Worden’s is a good example. Countless anglers all across America and beyond have faith in the Rooster Tail as a bait that is ideal for casting up trout, salmon, bass, pike, panfish and a host of other species. The question is how can a lure that works so well for casting applications get overlooked as a trolling lure? The answer is, in-line spinners are great trolling lures in the hands of anglers who know how to get the most from these lures.

Buzz Ramsey of Yakima Bait caught this impressive brown trout trolling a Rooster Tail spinner behind an in-line trolling weight. Spinners are rarely used as trolling lures, but some creative thinking helped put this impressive fish in the boat.


            Because the body of an in-line spinner rotates slowly in the water, line twist can become a problem. The simple...

 It is safe to say that most fishermen these days are using four stroke outboards. Since Yamaha and Mercury both stopped producing two stroke outboards, it seems as if anglers don’t have a choice anymore.

            It may seem to the casual onlooker that two stroke is yesterday’s news, but there is more to the story. Evinrude’s G1 and G2 outboards are two stroke, but these engines are not the outboards of your youth. Mention two stroke technology and most anglers conjure up images of those blue clouds of oil ridden smoke that occurred when the engine was started up. 

            Evinrude E-Tec uses a completely different two stroke technology known as direct injection. Instead of mixing fuel, oil and air in a carburetor, Evinrude direct injection engines feature an injector that provides a pressurized and precise fuel and oil mixture directly to the combustion chamber. The results are amazing to say the least. Every molecule o...

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