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What if I told you it was possible to catch twice as many fish, with the same number of trolling lines? I’m betting that every serious troller out there would “double down” on that deal!

            A simple rig fished on an Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diver is becoming very popular among crappie fishermen and this set up can be easily modified to catch walleye as well. Let’s call it the Tadpole Double Down Rig.

The Double Down Rig is ideal for slow trolling applications commonly used to target open water crappie and also walleye. There are many variations of this simple rig and all are useful for helping anglers catch more fish by simply putting more baits in the water.


            The Double Down Rig consists of a diving crankbait such as a Flicker Shad, Shad Rap or stickbait fished in combination with a 1/32 to 1/8 ounce jig on a dropper line. A three way swivel is used to present both the crankbait and the jig...

            It seems that fluorocarbon line is becoming more commonly used these days than monofilament line. For sure fluorocarbon has a time and place, but not always is fluorocarbon the best choice.

Jake and Paige Romanack teamed up to catch this impressive Saginaw Bay walleye. Using monofilament as the main line and adding a short fluorocarbon line as leader has served our family well when ice fishing for walleye and a host of other species.

            Using fluorocarbon as main line is a good option for some open water applications, but fluorocarbon is in general too stiff and has too much memory to be a good main line for most ice fishing applications. The problem is that in icy cold water fluorocarbon line becomes overly stiff, kinky and laden with memory.

            It’s true that some manufacturers are producing two grades of fluorocarbon line, with one being designed a...


           Anyone who has ice fished for walleye or other larger fish species knows that the moment of truth comes when the fish is at the bottom of the ice hole. Getting that fish’s nose into the hole may seem simple, but it’s amazing how often fish get off at this critical moment. 

            What makes this situation even more frustrating is the fish comes unbuckled right before your eyes! A number of years ago I got so frustrated at losing hard fought fish at the hole, I started rigging my ice fishing rods with what I call a landing leader. 

            I spool up my ice fishing combos with 10 pound test Berkley XT monofilament, a line that’s highly respected for having exceptional abrasion resistance. Next I tie in a 36-inch leader of 15-pound test fluorocarbon line using a double uni knot. The web page...

              The times they are a changing in the Great Lakes fishing scene. The traditional fiberglass deep V und style of fishing boat that once dominated on the Great Lakes may have run its course. Larger “charter style” boats provide a lot of space and creature comforts, but these boats must also be slipped in a particular port. The owner and/or charter client is saddled with the necessity of fishing only one port all season long.

Mark Romanack the Executive Producer of Fishing 411 TV has been running this X2 Phantom 20 foot welded aluminum hull since September. To say that Romanack is impressed with this hull would be an understatement. Unlike other welded hulls on the market the X2 Phantom incorporates a defined Reverse Chime and a V-Pad that gives this boat amazing performance and fishing attributes. Part of the Smoker Craft North American Angler series of boats, the X2 Phantom is rewriting the rules for Great Lakes fishing boats.

            The Gre...

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