Mark Romanack

            An iconic walleye fishing presentation known as the bottom bouncer and spinner has probably produced more walleye then all other others combined. What makes the bottom bouncer/spinner combination so deadly is it works in natural lakes, rivers, impoundments and the Great Lakes. Secondly, this presentation is easy to master.


            The first step in setting a bottom bouncer/spinner rig is to set and maintain the boat speed. If the trolling speed is constantly speeding up and slowing down, the amount of line out it takes to present the bouncer perfectly is also constantly changing.

            Slow and steady is the answer and for most applications a boat speed of 1.2 to 1.6 MPH is considered perfect.


            A bottom bouncer and spinner rig functions best when it is fished in close proximity to bottom, but not...

             These days lots of anglers are talking about getting rid of lead lures and fishing tackle. I hope that day doesn’t come anytime soon, because I’ve come to depend very heavily on lead core fishing line when targeting trout, salmon, walleye and even northern pike when they suspend over deep water in the summer time.


            Lead core has been around for decades and first became popular as a fishing line around the World War II era. The war effort pushed chemists to create a wealth of miracle products including a fiber known as Dacron which is a form of Polyester.

            Touted as a miracle fiber, all kinds of goods started hitting the market made from Dacron right after the war. That list of products included a Dacron coated fishing line called lead core. A thin and soft lead wire is coated with Dacron to create a strong fishing line that also sinks....

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