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For someone who travels to fish for a living, it might come as a surprise that until recently I had not fished the Eastern Basin of Lake Erie for walleye. I guess with the “close to home” fishing opportunities available on the Western and Central Basins of Lake Erie, traveling to the east end of the lake seemed unnecessary.

            Unnecessary perhaps, but based on the walleye fishing experience Jake and I recently enjoyed fishing out of Buffalo Harbor, it’s a safe bet I’ll be returning to the Eastern Basin again and again. They say that half the fun in life is the anticipation. That certainly was true prior to our Buffalo Harbor trip as everyone we talked to described the fishing as “on fire” like never before.

Big walleye and lots of them was the theme for a recent trip set on Lake Erie’s Eastern Basin. This fish was caught trolling a tandem willow leaf crawler harness on five colors of lead core line with the help of an Off Sh...

            Recently the Cabela’s National Walleye Tour event held at Bay City, Michigan let the cat out of the bag. The top weights in the tournament came not from Saginaw Bay, but rather from the Alpena shoreline of Lake Huron more than 100 miles north of Bay City.

            The Alpena region or what is often called the Sunrise Side is one of those places in Michigan that is clearly off the beaten path. The sad truth is no one travels through Alpena on their way to some place. Alpena has for decades produced a noteworthy walleye fishery, but the recent NWT tournament cemented that fact in stone.

The waters of the Alpena area are ultra clear and require some ultra unique structure fishing strategies. Fish like this walleye are most often caught on one of three different lure groups including Glide Baits, Plastic Swim Baits and Lipless Crankbaits.

            Ironically, the waters of Thunder Bay and the Lak...

Do you fish Tadpole Divers or Guppy Weights? This is a question I’m asked commonly. My answer surprises some folks when I simply say both!

            The fact is while both Tadpole Divers and Guppy Weights achieve similar trolling goals, I tend to use them for different purposes and at different times.


            Tadpole Divers are unique in that they achieve their depth two ways. Because these divers are negatively buoyant, they sink and achieve depth based on the size used, trolling lead selected and also the trolling speed. The Tadpole Diver however also features a diving lip similar to a crankbait that allows these devices to achieve greater depths than other in-line trolling weights.

            One of the biggest advantages of the Tadpole is they can be used to reach significant depth without having to play out excessively long trolling leads. Any avid trolle...

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