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         About this time of year, fishermen who enjoy using crankbaits start shifting gears. Literally, throughout the summer the most successful anglers are ramping things up a notch.

         Summer crankbait trolling is about speeding up, covering more water and switching to baits that excel at higher trolling speeds. For years I have taught that crankbaits are best understood when they are divided into four distinctively different categories. Those categories include stickbaits, minnow divers, shad baits and wide wobblers.

Brightly colored lures like this Yakima Mag Lip in “Mad Man” contrast nicely and are very visible in stained water conditions so common during the summer months.

            When water temperatures spike during the late spring and throughout the summer, the cranks that produce the best are most often the shad baits and wide wobbler categories. Among these two categories most walleye fishermen have discovered how productive the...

             Want to know a dirty little secret about boat performance? Most of the time when a boat isn’t performing, it’s not the fault of the boat. In my experience playing around with just about every boat on the market and a host of outboard motor brands as well, when a boat and motor package are performing poorly, the blame can be traced to the propeller.

In this photo the boat is trimmed, yet is still plowing, and splitting the water forward of the console. This is an indication that more bow lift is required. After switching to a four or five blade prop we accomplished that goal.

            By the time a fisherman or boating enthusiast has dumped a bank load of money into their new water toy, the last thing they want to hear is that now to make that rig run right you need to also purchase an expensive stainless steel prop. Stainless props these days start at about $300.00 and it’s pretty easy to spend upwards of $700.00 on a prop and another $100.00...

            If you’re a “one size fits all” kind of guy, you might want to stop reading right now. When talk turns to in-line planer boards, most anglers own one size and use them for all their trolling needs.

            In the case of the Off Shore Tackle OR12 Side-Planer, it’s easy to see why guys come to this conclusion. The OR12 functions exceptionally well for a wealth of trolling chores. Personally I’ve used these boards to target walleye, brown trout, lake trout, salmon, steelhead, northern pike, crappie and even muskies. To say this board is versatile would be a major understatement. The Side-Planer works great for about 90% of the trolling chores we face every year at Fishing 411 TV.

The Off Shore Tackle OR12 Side-Planer is the planer board all others are compared to. This versatile planer board does the heavy lifting for about 90% of the trolling chores an angler is likely to encounter.


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