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Ever wonder how deep your favorite crankbaits and trolling gear dive? Of course, how deep trolling lures and gear run is a fundamental question that every avid troller needs to know. The problem is that the manufacturers of said lures and trolling hardware have no clue how deep their products dive.

            Fishing tackle manufacturers do a great job of designing, building and marketing their products, but they simply aren’t equipped to test their products in real life environments to determine diving depths.


            The Precision Trolling Data apps for Android and IOS phone platforms was released in 2013. Based on data collected each year since 1989 This simple to use app provides the diving depths of over 850 crankbaits, diving devices, sinking lines and in-line trolling weights. Scuba gear is used to visually confirm the depth of crankbaits and diving devices based on specific lead lengths, line types, line dia...

A few years ago Off Shore Tackle introduced a new diver that has subsequently rewritten the way anglers troll spinners, spoons and crankbaits for walleye and other species. The Tadpole Diver, officially known as the OR36 Tadpole Resettable Diving Weight, comes in four sizes including the No. 1, 2, 3 and Magnum.

The Tadpole Diver can be rigged using line releases on the tow arm and the back of the diver. This option allows the Tadpole to be fished in-line using any combination of lure and trolling lead.


            What sets these divers apart is the simple design that is easy to use, functionally flawless and adaptable to literally any trolling situation. To fish a Tadpole using traditional methods, add a favorite nightcrawler harness or if using spoons or crankbaits tie a 60 to 72 inch leader of fluorocarbon line to the back of the Tadpole using the supplied heavy duty snap at the Tadpole and a ball bearing snap swivel at the terminal end....

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