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             In the world of sport fishing equipment, it’s not easy to stand the test of time. From my perspective, it appears that rod and certainly reel designs are in a constant state of change. They say change is a good thing and certainly change is what makes innovation possible. Unfortunately, in the fishing business change happens so quickly that new products are introduced and seemingly discontinued in the same model year!

            Thankfully a few products do stand the test of time and consumer satisfaction. Round frame trolling reels like Daiwa’s famous Sealine series have been on the market for several decades. Noteworthy as affordable and also highly functional line counter reels, the Sealine series has earned the respect of countless anglers the old fashioned way.

The Daiwa Lexa is a new low profile line counter reel that is rewriting the book on trolling. Available in sizes 100, 300 and 400,...

Using fishing scents like Pro Cure’s Super Gel is no joke. This e-mail was forwarded to me by Captain David Slominski based on his recent experience using Pro Cure Super Gel on the Detroit River. Thanks Captain David for taking the time to share these fishing tips, for writing this nice e-mail and also for sharing your result photos. Thanks to Captain David a lot of other anglers are now enjoying the benefits of Pro Cure Super Gel. Mark Romanack, Host Fishing 411 TV.

Hey Mark,

    I was at your Ultimate Walleye Clinic at the Novi Ultimate Fishing show and won the raffle for the Pro Cure scents. Ive fished all my life and have not really been a fan of scents because they never seemed to make a difference. Well I can say now, you have transformed my thinking with the Pro Cure Super Gel. I was fishing the Detroit River a few days ago and the Canadian side on the upper river was turning into mud. Me and some buddies were searching for big fish and were struggling. I decided, eh why not give...

           Recently I spent a frustrating hour at a popular retailer trying to pick out some spinning rod/reel combinations suitable for walleye fishing. The process started out simple enough, but the waters soon got muddy. As I started reading the fine print on the rods, I quickly became perplexed that seemingly no two rods featured the same action or power rating.

            There really are no standards in the fishing industry regarding the power or stiffness of a fishing rod. One manufacture calls their stick a Medium Light action and another manufacture who uses virtually the  same graphite materials, length, action and power calls their product a Medium Action.

            It seems that every different manufacturer goes their own direction and the results are a market place flooded with ridiculous amounts of product to pick from. Don’t get me wrong, choice is a good thing in fishing. Unfortunately, when the market becomes bogg...

One of the age old questions surrounding walleye fishing is should an angler be fishing with soft plastic lures or using live bait? Clearly both options have their time and place. Here’s how the Fishing 411 crew attacks the issue and why.

When pulling harnesses, the only choice is a healthy and broad shouldered nightcrawler.


            The world of soft plastic baits has changed a great deal over the years. My first experience with soft plastics was not good. I was maybe 10 years old at the time and my Dad had just bought me a new tackle box. I had just enough cash from my weekly allowance to purchase a few jigs and some soft plastic twister tails. You guessed it, about a month later I discovered that those soft plastics I had to have turned the paint on my jigs to a sticky mess and melted a hole in my prized tackle box!

            Thankfully, the soft plastics of today are user friendly to jigs and tackle boxes. Soft plasti...

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