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           The best fishing glove is no glove at all. The sad fact is that fishing gloves tend to deaden our sense of feel and make detecting light strikes that much more difficult. That’s the cold hard facts.

            The question becomes is it worse to fish with gloves that rob our fingers of strike detecting sensitivity or to suffer with hands so cold the  numbness makes it impossible to detect strikes? Surely there is a better alternative?

            Over the years I’ve fished with just about every glove imaginable in my quest for a cold weather fishing glove that makes sense. What I have found lends more to what doesn’t work rather than what does.


            In my humble opinion what doesn’t work are the many neoprene gloves on the market branded as “fishing solutions” for the cold weather angler. None of these gloves are worth consider...

            It’s nice to have choices in this world. When it comes to picking out a deep “V” or multi-species fishing boat anglers have three excellent choices to consider including a welded aluminum hull, riveted aluminum hull or a fiberglass hull. I’m often asked which is the best all around fishing boat design and the answer in this case is all three.

Riveted aluminum hulls like this Starcraft STX 2050 feature reverse chime hull designs that rival the performance of fiberglass boats.

            Boat hull designs have come a long way during my tenure as a professional fisherman. The introduction of reverse chine aluminum hulls has created a generation of fishing boats that are clearly superior to those produced just a decade ago. Reverse chine hulls help the boat come out of the hole quickly, they achieve more lift while helping to keep the bow down at slower speeds and do an excellent job of forcing spray harmlessly out to the side of...

           The interesting thing about fishing walleye in the fall is that the majority of anglers are trolling crankbaits. No doubt, crankbaits are an awesome way to target walleye in the Great Lakes and other larger basins of water. The question remains however, what about those anglers who don’t have the boats and gear to fish these off shore waters?

Jig fishing in rivers is very popular in the spring, but a lot of anglers don’t realize in the fall we get a second crack at these fish.

            For the angler who loves to fish in the fall and can’t get enough of their favorite species the walleye, river jigging is the quick fix. Michigan’s top walleye rivers all see a push of fish in the fall and hardly anyone targets these fish. The crowds at boat launches that are so common during the spring spawning run are but a distant memory in October, November and December.

            The walleye that turn up in place...

            Things in the world of ice fishing are changing. As I stand back and take a look at the technology changes that have influenced ice fishing in recent years, I’m simply amazed at how sophisticated ice fishermen are becoming.

            Just a few of the new products that are helping ice fishermen be more successful include battery powered ice augers, Wi-Fi compatible sonar, heated tip-ups and dead stick boxes just to name a few. One of the more subtle, but important ice fishing advancements are the latest generation of in-line ice fishing reels.

In-line reels like this are deadly efficient tools for fishing small jigs and tear drops for fish that frequently suspend like crappie and bluegills.

            Unlike the traditional ultra light spinning reels used by pan fishermen, the new in-line reels do a much better job of keeping line managed and twist free. Because a spinning reels picks up line by wrap...

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