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           How many times have you found yourself saying, “just one more cast”, before calling it a day? As avid fishermen we never seem to get enough and no day is long enough to satisfy our passion for catching fish. One of the ways to make the most of every day on the water, is to simply make the most of every cast.

            Regardless of the species you’re targeting or the kind of lure you might be casting, making a longer cast covers more water and potentially contacts more fish. The key to making long casts isn’t just about winding up and letting it fly. A few carefully selected fishing aids can make every cast one to remember.

Some lures like crankbaits dive deeper when a long cast is made. This is especially true of smaller baits like the Flicker Shad that produced this nice slab crappie.


            It’s an undeniable fact that some lines cast better than others. The mo...

            What’s the best way to catch more fish on downriggers? Double down by fishing two lures on each line. Running two lures on one fishing line when using downriggers is a common rigging method, but most anglers take the easy approach and fish what is known as a “free slider” to accomplish this goal.

Downriggers are the ultimate depth control tool for trolling. Using an add-a-line rig, two lures can effectively be fished on one downrigger line. Using an add-a-line is easy and doubles the effectiveness of rigger fishing in the process.

            A free slider is a spoon or other lure rigged to a six foot length of fluorocarbon line that features a snap that is clipped over the main line. Once the lure is placed in the water, it is free to slide up and down the main line.

            Free sliders work in that fish strike the lure readily. The problem is that when a fish bites that l...

             Size does matter when it comes to certain walleye fishing presentations. Walleyes like other predatory fish tend to have a weakness for big and slow moving forage. If your goal is to target big walleyes, then fishing with jumbo sized baits or lures makes sense. The bigger question is however, does the big fish, big bait theory always hold true.

For those who are motivated by “super tanker” walleye the months of October, November and December routinely produce the biggest fish of the year. Part of catching these trophy class fish is understanding the need to fish larger crankbaits and live baits

             The answer is yes, and no. Walleye have the unique ability to eat just about anything they can get their jaws around. In fact, reports of trophy fish that washed ashore dead because they had a fish lodged in their mouth are common. Without question walleyes routinely feed on forage fish larger than the typical angler is comfortable using, but...

            It’s no secret that soft plastic baits catch lots of fish. It’s also no secret that these lures are extra soft to make them life-like. Because they are as soft as live bait, soft plastics readily rip and tear while fishing them forcing anglers to replace these baits regularly. At the end of a long day of fishing it’s common to have gone through several packages of soft plastic lures!

            One of the problems associated with these plastic lures is many anglers simply toss them overboard when they become torn up too much to fish with. Not only does this litter our lakes and rivers, unfortunately fish still eat them. Biologists have documented that soft plastics do not break down in the digestive system of popular species like largemouth and smallmouth bass, pike and walleye.

Soft plastics catch fish because they are as soft and life-like as live bait. Because these baits r...

Recently I had the great pleasure of sharing the boat with Ben Neilson, the show manager for ShowSpan, Inc. Ben is the guy who books the seminar speakers for the Ultimate Fishing Show, Outdoorama Show and Ultimate Sport Shows in Michigan.

 Ben Neilson with a typical largemouth caught using a presentation he pioneered called Power Shotting.

            I’ve been doing seminars for ShowSpan, Inc., for over 25 years. One of the things I like most about the ShowSpan events is the fact their management staff not only put on great fishing, boat and outdoor shows, but they enjoy fishing as much as we do.

            Ben has made quite a name for himself as a bass tournament pro, literally winning every major event in Michigan. In recent years, Ben has also enjoyed considerable success fishing national events like the BASS invitational events. “Winning a BASS invitational event is the most direct route to getting an invitation to fishing the BASS...

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