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It’s not exactly a secret that big kings love to eat herring, alewives, smelt and gizzard shad. During the dog days of summer one of the most consistent ways to catch king salmon all across the Great Lakes is by employing a rotating flasher with a meat head tipped with a whole brined herring.

The Great Lakes doesn’t have as many kings anymore, but the fish are bigger on average. Big adult kings like this tend to bite cut bait rigs and meat rigs with reckless abandon.

            The rotator acts not just as an attractor, but also to give the meat head that seductive slow spinning action. The combination of the rotator and the meat head create an enticing rolling bait that salmon simply can’t ignore.

            This rig can be deployed on a downrigger, magnum diving planer or on sinking lines like copper, weighted stainless steel wire and also lead core line.

            On the west coast an...


During the “dog days” of summer there are lots of ways to target walleye. To avoid warm water a lot of the high quality fish seek out deeper water and hard bottom structure. In the Great Lakes, inland lakes across the northern USA and natural lakes of Canada there are three iconic ways the pros target walleye and one new trick that might surprise even the most hard core walleye fishing enthusiast.

Jigs might be “old school” but they are very effective tools for targeting structure loving walleye during the dog days of summer.


For as along as there have been walleye, there have been anglers targeting them with lead head jigs. During the heat of summer minnows are a good bait if you can find them, but most anglers find that nightcrawlers and leeches are a better option when jig fishing deep water structure. Crawlers and leeches have great action and they stay on the hook a lot better than a minnow.

            Soft plastics ar...

Jake’s super tanker lake trout weighed in at 35.9 pounds making it the biggest fresh water fish we have ever caught while filming an episode of Fishing 411 TV.

The Great Lakes are full of iconic fishing spots that every avid angler should visit at least once. The famed Stannard Rock of Lake Superior is one of those “must fish” destinations. Named after Captain Charles Stannard who is credited with discovering this rock reef in the middle of Lake Superior. The Stannard Rock light was built as a shipping aid in 1883 and operated as a manned lighthouse until 1962 when the US Coast Guard converted it to an automated light.

            The light is 24 miles from the nearest point of land, making Stannard Rock Light the furthest lighthouse from shore in the United States. The story about Stannard Rock Light and how it was built is interesting, but not as interesting as the lake trout that call this region of Lake Superior home.


Off Shore Tackle makes it easy to rig their boards so multiple boards can be fished per side of the boat without having to clear lines to fight fish or switch out lures. Monofilament or super braid? No problem, the OR12 easily rigs for fishing either line type.

To fully understand how modern anglers rig and use in-line boards like the famous Off Shore Tackle OR12 Side-Planer requires a little history lesson. When first introduced the OR12 was factory equipped with a pair of black medium tension OR14 line releases, one mounted on the tow arm and the other to a split ring mounted at the back of the board.

            If the angler didn’t get the fishing line all the way to the back of the OR14 release, the board could pop off the line and float away. Obviously this is an unacceptable situation so anglers like myself started rigging our boards with an OR16 (red) Snap Weight Clip at the tow arm and also on the split ring at the back of the board....

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