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The Fishing 411 TV crew fishes the Ontario side of Lake Erie often for steelhead. This overlooked summer fishery may well be the best fishing for “bows” anywhere in the Great Lakes. Friend of the show and professional walleye angler Eric Olson caught this exceptional steelhead near Wheatley Ontario.

            Any seasoned fisherman will tell you that the key to catching fish is being in the right place at the right time. Lure and presentation hype aside, being “on fish” trumps just about everything when it comes to being a successful angler.

            For those Great Lakes anglers who covet open water steelhead fishing, the time to be on the water is August and the place to be is the north shore of Lake Erie. It’s during the dog days of August that surface waters on Lake Erie skyrocket, the lake starts to stratify, defined thermoclines set up and every rainbow smelt in the lake packs into the deep cool waters of the north shore....



             Size does matter when it comes to certain walleye fishing presentations. Walleyes like other predatory fish tend to have a weakness for big and slow moving forage. If your goal is to target big walleyes, then fishing with jumbo sized baits or lures makes sense. The bigger question is however, does the big fish, big bait theory always hold true?

            The answer is yes, and no. Walleye have the unique ability to eat just about anything they can get their jaws around. In fact, reports of trophy fish that washed ashore dead because they had a fish lodged in their mouth are common. Without question walleyes routinely feed on forage fish larger than the typical angler is comfortable using, but this doesn’t mean that bigger is always better. We know that walleyes are capable of eating  forage fish nearly as large as they are, but the fact is most of the walleye’s col...


For the past 30 something years I’ve been busy building two businesses and a career in the sport fishing industry. What a lot of our social media and television fans don’t know about me is besides my lovely wife Mari and two awesome sons Zackery and Jacob, the love of my life are the family dogs and hunting companions we have owned, trained and cherished over the years.

         Those of you who are dog owners will immediately understand when I say that the love of a good dog is a precious virtue and unfortunately also a fleeting gift. Perhaps the reason dogs love us so passionately and unselfishly is because God only allows them to grace us for a few short years.

         I’ve been blessed to own a lot of very special hunting dogs in my life. Dakota, a male Golden Retriever was my first attempt at training a hunting dog. Thankfully Dakota was tolerant of my lack of patience, short tempered nature and naivety o...

A lot of anglers are fishing sinking lines for salmon these days, but many don’t realize how much weight the standard OR12 Side Planer will carry. The OR12 will pull up to 300 feet (10 colors) of lead core line easily.

             With summer upon us a lot of anglers will be targeting Great Lakes salmon, trout and steelhead. In recent years sinking lines like Tuff Line’s Micro Lead Core, Torpedo Diver’s weighted stainless steel wire and Howie’s Tackle copper wire have literally stolen the show. Historically it was the downrigger and the diving planer that ruled the Great Lakes, but these days sinking lines fished in combination with in-line boards are getting the job done everywhere trout and salmon are found.


            All three of the commonly used weighted trolling lines, including lead core, weighted stainless wire and stranded copper wire, are rigged and fished in a similar fashion. The reel is first loaded with about 200 yards...

            Back in the day rigging a walleye fishing boat used to take me a few hours and a few bucks in wire, electrical connectors and basic hand tools. Today the “wiring” scene on a typical fishing boat is anything but simple.

            My 2018 Starcraft STX 2050 is equipped with a Lowrance Carbon 12 inch, 9 inch and 7 inch sonar/GPS unit, MotorGuide Gateway system, a VHF radio, a Fish Hawk depth/temperature/speed probe, electric Cisco downriggers, a Pinpoint guided MotorGuide electric motor, Evinrude ICON digital gauge package, an electric start Evinrude kicker motor and a digital throttle control on that kicker motor. Collectively the amp draw on my cranking battery(s) is substantial and we’re talking about a lot of power leads and connections that must be made to fire up all this “electronic stuff”.


            The logical place to start understanding how to wire all...

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