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Bruce DeShano of Off Shore Tackle holds a nice crappie taken with the new Awesome Crappie Board. The new floating chamber helps this board carry more weight, plane to the side even better and setting the board is a no-brainer.

             In the world of fishing sometimes less really is more. More fun, more fish, more opportunities and even more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Imagine that, a fishing presentation that actually costs less to participate!!

            The newly redesigned OR38 Awesome Crappie Board (formerly Mini Board) features a new hollow float chamber mounted to the top of the board that helps this unique side-planer carry more weight, plane out to the side better and makes setting and clearing lines an absolute “no brainer”. Easy to use and amazingly effective this new board is taking planer board trolling to a whole new level.


            The Mini Board and Aw...

Outdoor writer and TV host Mark Romanack takes a still photo of Josh Crabtree while filming an episode of Fishing 411 on the Kalamazoo River in southern Michigan.

By: Mark Romanack

             The one thing that’s consistent about the outdoor industry is this business never stands still. Case in point, the outdoor television industry has grown exponentially from modest beginnings into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The pioneers of the outdoor television business shot their shows on motion picture film and lugged around TV cameras half the size of a Volkswagen and twice as expensive. Guys like Jerry McKinnis, Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston, Mort Neff and Wally Taber were part time outdoorsmen, part time story tellers, part time film makers and full time entrepreneurs.

            The pioneers of outdoor television were truly an elite group of outdoorsmen. Only a handful of these guys had the financing and fortitude to literally produce something out of nothing...

These days everyone is color crazy when it comes to crankbaits. A host of custom color options are providing anglers a bewildering amount of color choices to choose from. Options are a good thing, but what about color options when it comes to fishing live bait?

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